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        Watching your house shrink away in my rear view mirror
    as I drive away
    wishing that I could take back all those words that meant nothing
    that I didn't say
    I'm trying to be what you want me to be
    But it's so damn hard to keep playing the part of the fool
    week after week

    I think you need some time alone
    You say you want someone to callyour own
    Open you eyes
    you can suck in your pride
    you can live your life all on your own

    Is this all going to be just another time
    that we play this game
    I've tried to convice you that things could be different
    but somehow they end up the same
    But what did you expect from me
    What am I supposed to do
    you say that you're starting to fell like you're getting lost
    Well I do too

    I'm not gonna live this lie again
    I know I'll get it right but I don't know when
    I'll open my eyes
    Iv'e got somethin inside
    I'll just jack off in my room until then

    It's never over till its done
    and I don't think that you're the one (4x)
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